Omni Touch

Omni Touch

The One Thing That Makes All of Your
Other Advertising More Effective

It does that by making sure your business is seen by your prospects, everywhere, all the time.

See, when someone visits your website, chances are they won’t be ready to call you straight away. Maybe they get distracted. They’re order is called out at the coffee shop. Or they go and look at one of your competitors sites. And this happens 94% of the time according to research.

Whatever the case, not everyone who visits your website is going to pick up the phone and call you straight away. In fact, research shows that 80% of sales require at least 5 follow up conversations before a deal is done.

That means your prospects need multiple touch points before they do business with you.

Thing is, how do you make multiple touch points?

You could spend all on the phone chasing leads. Though, that’s only good for the people that do call you. And chances are, only a small percentage of your website visitors will do that. Which means you’ve got a lot of potential clients who come to your site once, and you never see them again.

But what if you could follow up with them strategic way – one designed to get them to give you a call?

And what if you could do this all over the internet?

Well, that’s exactly what Omni Touch does.

As soon as someone visits your website for the first time, they enter your Omni Touch machine. Then, wherever they go on the internet, they see you.

They could be on Facebook, YouTube, Gmail, CNN, Amazon, Yahoo, ESPN, Twitter, WebMD, TechCrunch, TradeMe, Weather Channel, Stuff… anywhere, wherever they are… they’ll see your business offering your services.

This is vital. Because results show that website visitors who are followed up by your Omni Touch ads are more likely to convert into customers by 70%.

And the best bit…

In our experience running hundreds of these Omni Touch campaigns, the sales generated often cost just 20% of other forms of advertising.

For instance, we recently got a business 41% more leads at just 20% of their normal lead cost.

To put that into perspective, if you normally spend $100 to make the phone ring, our Omni Touch campaign could get you calls for just $20. Plus, these leads are even more qualified as they’ve seen your business multiple times.

Problem is, only a tiny fraction of businesses have got Omni Touch campaigns in place. We realized this when we surveyed 28,593 local businesses throughout America’s largest cities. We found 91% of these companies don’t have an Omni Touch campaign running.

This is shocking because it means these businesses are leaving an extra 10-20% (or more) sales on the table.

And that could be true for your business.

Don’t let that happen. Let us manage this time consuming marketing initiative for you.

We’ll setup your complete Omni Touch campaign. This will get your business seen by your prospects repeatedly. And that, in turn, will produce more leads, for less cost.

To make every other form of advertising more effective…

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